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The Robert Gesink Experience

The Robert Gesink Experience

If you want to ride with Robert, from now on that’s possible! We will host a ride with Robert a few times a year.

Starting the day with a ride through the beautiful roads of Girona, coffee during the ride and a dinner in our private garden cooked by Daisy.

Why are we doing it in our garden? Robert is a family man and being at home with the kids is the most important thing for him. That’s why we decided to open our garden a few times a year for a group of max 10 people. Daisy will be making a delicious dinner on your request and the kids will be walking around and have a chat with you as well if they wanted.

We live in the heart of Girona’s Old Town, in one of the oldest streets of the city and we have a lovely little garden that is perfect to host these events.

If you don’t want to ride but only want to have an evening or a ride with Robert that’s also possible. We can help you arrange your flights, hotel in the city center and everything you’ll need.

A little extra we offer is a professional photographer.

We are not doing it to often because Robert is an professional cyclist riding a full season, but if you are interested and want to know more about The Robert Gesink Experience send us an email and we will see how to make it happen.



For the Dutch Cycling fans we offer a special trip, organized by Daisy and the Dutch travel company TUI. It’s a three days trip including: flight, hotel, welcome package, riding with Robert, dinner in the garden and a tour through Girona.